Programs & support

UniHealth provides more than simply health insurance to our members. We are also committed to supporting our members’ health and wellbeing through quality, evidence-based health management programs and services. We understand that navigating healthcare services and providers can be daunting so we offer eligible members access to highly experienced health professionals, including registered nurses and an accredited practising exercise physiologist.

These dedicated health professionals will guide and support members to help ensure the very best quality healthcare is received and positive health outcomes are achieved at any life stage. Support for eligible members includes:

  • Coordinated care and organised health activities to ensure that the right care, tailored to individual needs, is received at the right time.
  • Education and support to empower members to overcome the day-to-day challenges associated with chronic and/or complex health condition
  • Access to trusted resources and services that are designed to help with healthcare needs and promote independence.

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