COACH program

  • 1 in 10 Australians have asthma
  • Have you taken time off work, school or study due to your asthma?
  • Have you experienced shortness of breath doing your daily activities or waking at night due to your asthma?

If any of these apply to you, the COACH Program® could help.

What is the COACH Program®?

The COACH Program® is a free health coaching service delivered over the phone by asthma coaches from your local Asthma Foundation. The program runs for six months and aims to help people with asthma to improve their general health and asthma control, as well as providing parents and carers with the support they need in their role. The program is confidential and participants are free to withdraw at any stage.

Your asthma coach will support you by:

  • Understanding your health needs and providing you with personalised information tailored to your lifestyle
  • Identifying gaps in your treatment and recommending a plan to align with the Australian Asthma Handbook Guidelines
  • Offering regular support and working with you to set goals to achieve good asthma control
  • Complementing your existing GP and/or specialist asthma care

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UniHealth refers members to the COACH program through Teachers Healthcare Services, an initiative of UniHealth to support our members’ health and wellbeing through quality, evidence-based health management programs and services. To find out more, contact UniHealth on or call 1300 367 906.