Eight tips for getting the most out of your health cover

Health insurance can be confusing. At UniHealth, we want to make it as uncomplicated as we can, so you can get the most from your cover.

Here are a few tips to help you along the way:


  1. Achieve peace of mind with Private Hospital cover

Private Hospital cover is there if and when you need to go to hospital. Access to the Private Hospital system gives you greater choice and control over managing your health and that of your family. It can provide you with your choice of doctor, control of when and where hospital treatment occurs, and the ability to avoid lengthy waiting lists.

The Government also encourages Australians to take out Hospital cover by offering incentives including the Medicare Levy Surcharge, Lifetime Health Cover loading and the Private Health Insurance Rebate. With Hospital cover, you can avoid or reduce the amount you need to pay towards these taxes, levies and surcharges.


  1. Going to hospital? We’re here to help.

Going to hospital can be a stressful time. Our focus is on simplifying this process and, where possible, help to reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

If you or someone covered under your membership has a hospital visit coming up, talk to us first. Our expert team can talk you through what to expect and let you know where unexpected costs might crop up and how to minimise them.

It’s also important to contact the hospital, to discuss charges as part of your informed financial consent.

We’ve created several resources to assist including a comprehensive Hospital Guide. The guide will take you through what your Hospital product covers, what questions to ask your doctors/specialists, asking for a quote and enquiring about Access Gap Cover.


  1. Maintain your health and wellbeing with Extras cover

The Government encourages you to purchase Hospital cover, so what are the incentives for Extras? The answer is simple, to improve and maintain your health and wellbeing.

Our Extras covers are designed to support your wellbeing and help you lead a healthy lifestyle by providing benefits for these services and more.

UniHealth offers two Extras products – Top Extras and Essential Extras – each designed to support your wellbeing by providing benefits towards services such as dental, optical, physio, chiro, remedial massage and healthy lifestyle.

If you haven’t got Extras cover, now may be the time to consider it.


  1. Manage your membership in just a few clicks

Download the UniHealth member app for your Apple or Android device and have your membership right at your fingertips. By using the member app, you can make a claim, view your cover details, check your benefits usage, review your claims history or submit a document.

You can also register for Online Member Services (OMS) to do all the above and more. Through OMS you can also access your tax and benefit statements, update your bank account details and check your waiting periods.


  1. Review your membership

Think about how much your circumstances can change in a year. You may get married, have a child, move house, change your phone number or you could get promoted and enjoy a nice pay increase.

Some changes may influence your contribution rates or affect waiting periods. For instance, if you have a baby, you need to add the baby to your membership within two months of their date of birth to ensure they don’t have to serve waiting periods. Or if you receive an increase in pay, you will need to check that you are still on the correct tier to claim rebate.

So, if your circumstances change, it’s important to keep us in the loop. Most of these changes can be managed through your Online Member Services account. Alternatively, you can send us an email atinfo@unihealthinsurance.com.au.


  1. Get to know the ins and outs of claiming

There are some rules around claiming that are important to know. Here are a few things to consider when submitting your next claim to help save you some time:

  • Is the date of service for the claim within the last 2 years?
  • Have you got an official receipt?
  • Have you filled in any required documents or forms?
  • Is it something for Medicare instead?
  • Are all waiting periods served?
  • Have I got any benefit limits remaining?

If you answer yes to the relevant questions, your claim should be ready to go! You can find more information about claiming via our FAQs available on the website. Also, visit the UniHealth website to download any relevant forms for your claim.


  1. Get to know the Member Wellbeing Network

The Member Wellbeing Network offers UniHealth members access to quality Extras services at discounted prices.

We’ve established agreements with a range of partners Australia-wide to give our members offers and discounts on Extras services, including No Gap offers.


  1. Going overseas? Don’t forget about us

If you're going overseas, it's just as important to get travel insurance as it is to bring your passport.

As well as offering a range of health insurance products, UniHealth also partners with leading travel and general insurance providers to be able to further support our members’ health and wellbeing.

With travel insurance through UniHealth, Allianz Global Assistance can help protect you and your family while you’re travelling, both nationally and overseas.

If you’re going overseas for more than two months, talk to us about suspending your health cover or download the form here. Remember, you can resume your cover when you return without having to re-serve waiting periods. And, while your private health insurance hospital cover is suspended, you’re still considered to have hospital cover for Lifetime Health Cover purposes. So you won’t need to pay any age-based loading on your premium (as long as you resume your premium payments at the end of the agreed suspension period).