TravelCard update

Pressing pause on new travel insurance policies


As 2020 was a rough year for travel, TravelCard made the difficult decision to stop selling new travel insurance policies as of June 2020. The TravelCard team will continue to support all current policies and manage all current and future, valid claims made on these current policies. TravelCard’s 24/7 on-trip support will also continue.

It’s important to be aware that, like other travel insurance, the TravelCard Real-Time Leisure International and Leisure Domestic insurance policies have a general exclusion in the event of an actual or likely threat of a pandemic or epidemic.

This means these policies are unable to provide cover for COVID-19-related claims, regardless of where you are travelling or when your trip was booked.


Postponing your travel plans?


If you’re pushing your current travel plans into 2021, you can move the dates of your current policy to new dates no later than 30 November 2021. Please contact the TravelCard team on +61 2 7909 2777 to change the travel dates on your current policy.

You can also cancel your current policy and receive a pro-rata refund based on TravelCard’s standard cancellation process. TravelCard back date cancellation requests to 3 March 2020, which is when TravelCard recognised and communicated COVID-19 as a known event.


Need to make a claim?


You can still lodge new claims (which aren’t related to COVID-19) on your current policy. Please lodge your new claim via the TravelCard standard claims process by sending the completed claim form to the TravelCard Claims team, including all supporting documentation to be reviewed and assessed.


Contact TravelCard



Phone while travelling overseas: +61 2 7909 2777

Phone while in Australia: 1300 123 413



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