Switching is easy!

Switching to UniHealth is easy – simply complete the transfer request details form when you join. This gives us permission to contact your previous fund so we can do the rest. You’ll pay no exit fees or penalties to your previous health fund but remember to cancel your direct debit with them.

Waiting periods

If you are transferring to an equivalent level of cover with equivalent benefits, you will not have to re-serve your waiting periods so you can claim for benefits immediately. If your previous level of cover was lower than your UniHealth cover, waiting periods will apply to any services that were not included on your previous cover.

If you have cancelled your health insurance membership with another health fund, you will need to join UniHealth within 60 days to make sure you receive continuity of cover.

Waiting periods for benefits apply to:

  • new members to private health insurance
  • existing members who upgrade to a higher level of cover or reduce their level of excess
  • members who transfer from another health fund who have not already completed the required waiting periods, or who are transferring to a higher level of cover.

For more information on waiting periods, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or the UniHealth Membership Guide.