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Pay now and save

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Why should I prepay?

Paying your health insurance premium in advance can be a great way to save in the long term. And heading into October 2022, there’s a double incentive to do so.

You can prepay up to 12 months – at your current rate – ahead of two upcoming increases:

  • 2022 (1 October – following 6 months postponement)
  • 2023 (1 April – returning to regular increase timing).

We appreciate not everyone is in a financial position to prepay, but if you can, here’s what to do by 27 September 2022. 


1. Calculate your premium

Visit Online Member Services to check how much you need to pay to take you up to a given date, or how far your chosen dollar amount would take you:

  • Login to Online Member Services
  • Go to Payments
  • Select Premium calculator
  • Either Calculate amount or Calculate date

2. Prepay online

You can prepay by credit card or BPAY. Login to Online Member Services and:

  • Go to Payments
  • Select Pay by credit card or Pay by BPAY
  • Enter Payment details
  • Click Submit

Can I prepay over the phone?

We strongly encourage you to prepay online as call wait times can be considerably longer than usual during the premium increase period.

We understand how frustrating this can be when all you want to do is make a payment. Find out more info on using Online Member Services.

Can I prepay less than 12 months?

Yes – whatever you like. You can choose a paid-to date or even the amount to pay.

What’s the prepay deadline (ahead of the 1 October increase?)

We need to receive your payment by 27 September 2022.

If I prepay, what happens to my scheduled direct debit payments?

You won’t have any further direct debit payments during the period you’ve prepaid.

I’m not registered to use Online Member Services. What do I need to do?

Visit Online Member Services and click Register to start the process.

I’ve forgotten my Online Member Services password. How can I reset it?

Visit Online Member Services and click Forgot your password?