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Changes to your cover

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What’s new and what it means for you

Here we answer common questions about the premium and benefit changes from 1 April.

Premium increases

When you’ll hear from us, why premiums increase and your prepay options.

Product changes

What’s improving with extras benefits, and how to check your cover.

More info

Where to find more and how to contact us if you’ve got questions.

Premium increases

What will my premium be from 1 April 2024?

We’ll inform you about your new premium around early March.

How will you update me?

We’ll send your premium notification via post or email, depending on your contact preference.

It’ll also go into your Online Member Services mailbox.

More on updating your contact preference

Why did you give me less than 30 days’ notice about my rate increase?

All private health funds were required to wait until after the Department of Health and Aged Care had made a public announcement about premium increases before they could notify their members.

While notifications by post might suffer from delays, we’ll email members (who opted to receive their updates that way) as soon as we can. You can also access your new rate information via the app and Online Member Services.

When do increases apply from?

Your new rates apply from the first payment you make on or after 1 April 2024. When that is depends on your payment frequency or when you're paid up until.

To check which date you’re paid up to, log in to Online Member Services and go to Payments > Contribution details and scroll down to Paid to date.

Can I prepay my cover?

Yes! Here's how.

Why are premiums increasing?

We work hard to keep our premiums as low as possible, while continuing to provide the quality cover our members expect.

Our aim is to find a balance between keeping costs as low as we can for members, and ensuring we continue to operate sustainably.

The key factors in premium increases are:

  • Rising costs of healthcare
  • Growing demand for health services
  • Our ageing population.

Why are premiums increasing 6 months after the last increase?

Last year’s annual premium increases were postponed – they happened in October rather than April. So while the most recent increases are closer together, it’s due to this postponement.

On the upside, this also means that many of our members paid a lower premium for the 6 months leading up to October 2023.

What does the industry average premium increase mean?

The average premium increase of 3.03% is an industry-wide number. In other words, it’s the average of all Australian health funds’ average increases, which doesn’t mean a lot regarding your actual premium.

The actual change for each health fund member depends on the increase their fund sets for their specific level of cover (see below).

What does UniHealth’s average premium increase (2.65%) mean for me?

Put simply, not a lot! This figure is the average increase across all our health cover options. Some increases may be above the average figure, others below.

That’s why it’s important to wait until you get your individual premium info from us, as that’s what’s relevant to you.

Product changes

What’s changing with Essential Extras?

We’re renaming Essential Extras to Mid Extras starting 1 April 2024. This won’t affect your cover and you don’t need to do anything following this change.

Are there any extras benefits changes?

Yes, see the improvements we’re making to Top Extras, Mid Extras (currently Essential Extras) and StarterPak.

How can I check what I’m covered for?

You’ll find an overview of your benefits, limits, and per-person or sub-limits, on your Private Health Information Statement (PHIS).

You can access your PHIS anytime via your Online Member Services mailbox. They’re also enclosed with posted and email premium notifications.

Please read your PHIS carefully, as it’ll help you understand what you are, and aren’t, covered for. If you’d like to talk through your cover options, please contact us.

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