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The Healthscope agreement

We have agreements with more than 500 private hospitals across the country. We negotiate these contracts to help our members access quality care with minimal out-of-pocket costs.

Unfortunately, our agreement with Healthscope Hospitals – who own and operate 42 private hospitals – is scheduled to end on 8 June 2020.

We're still in negotiations with Healthscope, but have to give members 30 days' notice before an agreement is scheduled to end. 

How this came about

Our agreement with Healthscope recently came up for review, and we couldn't agree to their proposed new terms. Here's why:

  • Higher charges: The proposed terms meant significantly higher charges for our members’ hospital admissions. These charges were higher than we believe to be fair, and agreeing to them would have a negative impact on our members’ premiums.
  • Quality of care: Healthscope’s proposal also included additional charges for them to comply with industry minimum standards for rehabilitation and mental health services. We want the best quality of care for our members and expect industry minimum standards to be met as a baseline.

As we haven't yet reached an agreement, Healthscope has moved to terminate our contract.

What this means for you

To see which hospitals are owned and operated by Healthscope, check this list.

If you’ve booked treatment at a Healthscope hospital

There’s no change for members whose hospital admissions are:

  • before 8 June 2020
  • pre-booked before 8 June; admission before 8 December 2020 (excluding pregnancy & birth)
  • pre-booked before 8 June; admission before 8 March 2021 (pregnancy & birth)
  • part of an ongoing course of treatment (treatment that’s already started) up to and including 7 December 2020. (If your treatment is scheduled after 7 December 2020, please ask your specialist if they can treat you at an agreement hospital).

Emergency hospital admissions are covered under the old agreement up to and including 7 September 2020.


If you haven’t booked treatment, but are planning to after 8 June 2020

Choosing an agreement hospital can help you avoid significant out-of-pocket costs.

If an agreement isn't reached, you can still claim for admissions at a Healthscope hospital, but please be aware that you may have significant out-of-pocket costs for your hospital bill. If you decide to go ahead, the hospital will need to explain these to you, and get your informed financial consent to the out-of-pocket charges.

Find alternative hospitals

See which hospitals you can access with no or minimal out-of-pocket costs through your UniHealth Hospital cover.

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