How can I add a child dependant (aged under 21) to my membership?

You can do it via Online Member Services. Here’s what you need to know (based on your current membership type).

Family or Single Parent

If you already have one or more kids on your membership, you can add another at no additional cost.

Add now



Your membership will change from Couple to Family, but this won’t increase your premium.

Add now



Your membership will change from Single to Single Parent, and this will increase your premium. You can get a quote via Online Member Services.


Ready to add them?

Here’s how:

  • Log in
  • Go to My membership
  • Select People covered
  • Click Add person
  • Select Other dep child or adult
  • Select Relationship
  • Select Gender
  • Select Title
  • Enter Name
  • Enter Date of birth
  • (Optional) Email address
  • (Optional) To enter their Medicare card details tick the box
  • (Optional) Enter Medicare details
  • Select If person had previous cover
  • Enter Previous cover details
  • Click Next
  • Accept Declaration
  • Click Submit