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To help you manage stress wherever you may be, Breathe2Relax guides you through breathing exercises designed to reduce anxiety, improve moods, and calm your fight-or-flight response. 



For a quick and easy way to check calories, carbs, fats, protein, cholesterol and sodium, the CalorieKing app gives you nutritional info for over 150,000 foods, including fast food.

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Easy Diet Diary

Designed for Australia, the Easy Diet Diary calorie counter app is an accurate way to stay on top of your calories. It lets you search by food type and barcodes, and track your exercise.

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Developed by Australia's emergency services, the Emergency+ app uses GPS tracking to help provide your location details to police, fire and ambulance services if you call triple zero (000).

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First Aid - Australian Red Cross

Wherever you go, the official Australian Red Cross First Aid app gives you instant access to the info you need to be able to handle first aid and life-threatening emergencies.

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To help you make informed health decisions quickly and easily, the healthdirect app lets you check your symptoms, access trusted info and find a health service at the touch of a button.

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Lab Tests Online - AU

Developed by pathologists, the Lab Tests Online app is designed to help you better understand the pathology tests that are part of diagnosing and treating many health conditions.

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In partnership with the Department of Health, the MedicineWise app helps you keep track of medicines and access important health info any time and anywhere, especially in emergencies.

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Monash University FODMAP Diet

Created by researchers at Monash University, the FODMAP Diet app helps you manage irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) including recommending the best choices at every meal.

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NRS app


To help people with a hearing or speech impairment use the phone, this app lets you access National Relay Service (NRS) call options on the go – including chat, captions, and voice and video relay.

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Relax Lite

To help you relax in as little as five minutes, the Relax Lite: Stress & Anxiety Relief app lets you choose between breathing and guided mediation to feel calm, in control and even sleep better.

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RockaBub Pro

Become a baby whisperer with the RockaBub Pro sleep app. It provides age-based sleep strategies and video guides so you can help your baby or toddler sleep better – without controlled crying!

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St Johns First Responder

In an emergency, the St John First Responder app will help you know what to do to in those few crucial moments when understanding first aid can make all the difference.

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Triple Zero Kids Challenge

By getting kids to play games and solve problems, the Triple Zero Kids Challenge app is a fun and interactive way to teach kids what to do in an emergency situation.

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What Were We Thinking!

Navigating the highs and lows of being a new parent? The What Were We Thinking! app is a great way to gain the knowledge and skills you need to feel more confident, calm and in control.

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