Step 6 - Go to hospital

Step 6 - Go to hospital

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When you arrive, you may have to sign any paperwork you haven’t already completed. If you’re being treated as a private patient in a public hospital this will include a ‘patient election form’ to confirm your private patient status.

You’ll also pay any excess on your cover before you’re admitted.

If your admission time is later in the day be prepared for possible delays. If you’re easily bored, have a book, device or something else on-hand to amuse you, just in case.

After your treatment

What happens afterwards depends on what you’re in for. But unless you’re going to the ICU (intensive care), you’ll normally be taken to recovery until you’re discharged or transferred to a ward.

Waking up

If you’ve had sedation or a general anaesthetic, you’ll be closely monitored until you wake up.  When you do you may be attached to various bits of equipment. This is another thing you can ask about upfront, so you know what to expect.

You may feel dazed and confused for a while. Even if you feel competent, avoid driving, alcohol or making any big decisions for at least 24 hours, or until your head is clear.