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Mental Wellness Program – building mental wealth

We’re always looking for new ways to further support our members. And we understand the value of mental wellbeing. So we’re pleased to offer eligible members access to our Mental Wellness Program.

Focusing on building mental wealth, the program is run by Teachers Healthcare Services in partnership with experienced mental health professionals. The aim is to support members struggling with anxiety and depression to improve their daily functioning and work towards a more fulfilling life. Key themes of the program include low mood and depression, building resilience, learning to deal with anxiety, and creating emotional wellbeing.

The program is offered to eligible members at no additional cost to their UniHealth Hospital cover.

How does it work?

The program starts with a brief assessment with a clinical staff member from Teachers Healthcare Services. If you’re clinically eligible, you’ll then be referred for a more comprehensive mental health assessment with their professional partners. Based on this assessment, you’ll then be offered participation in one of three modules that vary in length.

The program is tailored to each member’s needs and circumstances. It’s appointment-based and conducted entirely via telephone, so appointments can be in the privacy of your own home or other preferred place. Some out-of-hours appointments can be arranged if required. To ensure that the program is as effective as possible, it’s important that members can keep appointments. You’ll be supported by the same mental health professional for the duration of the program.

Anything else?

In addition to the mental health modules, members will also participate in three sessions with dietitians from Teachers Healthcare Services – to learn more about the impact of diet, nutrition and gut microbiome on mental health. During these sessions, participants will also learn how to design a healthy eating plan for mental and holistic wellness.

Privacy & eligibility

Participation in the program and the issues discussed are kept completely confidential – even from UniHealth. So members can feel completely secure that their privacy will be maintained. Eligibility criteria apply to access the program. Members wishing to participate must hold a UniHealth Hospital cover with the relevant waiting periods served (Psychiatric: two months waiting period).

For more information about the program, contact Teachers Healthcare Services on 1300 728 578 or