Having a baby

Having a baby

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Support for new families

While babies are (mostly) adorable, bringing a new human into the world can be tough. Even if you’ve done it before, each pregnancy, birth and baby can present its own challenges.

Help is at hand in the form of our New Families program, which includes:

  • online antenatal and early parenting courses
  • telephone support from an Early Parenting Consultant
  • welcome pack with foundations and fundamentals handbook guide, and infant massage fact sheet with expert advice from allied health professionals.

Online courses

Your subscription to the Nourish Learning Hub enables you to do short online courses whenever and wherever you like. This can be handy if it’s difficult for you to get to scheduled antenatal classes.

The courses on the hub cover:

  • pregnancy health
  • labour
  • birth
  • breastfeeding
  • parenthood
  • infant and toddler sleep and settling.

You can also do a confidential online emotional health screening to help you understand how you’re coping and if you could use extra help.

Telephone support

The New Families program also includes personalised advice on sleep, settling and breastfeeding from an Early Parenting Consultant.

The Safe Sleep Space approach is about getting to know your baby and responding to their cues. They focus on establishing and maintaining good sleep patterns without resorting to controlled crying (yours or baby’s).

Many participants find these pre-arranged phone sessions hugely helpful. Which is understandable given how emotionally charged sleep and breastfeeding can be for new parents.

Accessing the program

The New Families program is open to eligible members* with Hospital cover (excluding StarterPak and Mid Classic) who are pregnant or have a baby under three months old. To learn more, get in touch via our contact form.

Accessing the program during COVID-19

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