Do I have to re-serve Hospital cover waiting periods when I switch from another fund?

It depends. Here are three things to keep in mind:

a. Timing

If you’re switching to UniHealth, join us within 60 days of leaving your previous fund to avoid re-serving any applicable waiting periods.

b. Level of cover

You won’t have to re-serve waiting periods when you switch to UniHealth if you:

- Get an equivalent level of Hospital cover with equivalent benefits

- Have already served all relevant waiting periods at your previous fund.

You will have waiting periods if you upgrade your Hospital cover and want to claim your new (higher) level of benefits for a service that was previously:

- Excluded – and is now restricted or covered

- Restricted – and is now covered.

If you’re upgrading, also check the rules around pre-existing conditions.

c. Your excess

Waiting periods also apply if you choose a lower excess than you had before. If you use your Hospital cover in the 12 months after you join us, you’ll pay your previous (higher) excess. After that, your new excess will apply (if you have one).