UniHealth is private health insurance created exclusively for people in the higher education community and their families. Brought to you by Teachers Health, Australia’s largest industry-based health fund with 60 years’ experience in serving the education community, UniHealth will provide great value health insurance to its members through lower costs and generous benefits.
As a valued member of UniHealth, you'll have easy access to quality products and services with lower costs and generous benefits. As Australia’s largest industry-based health fund, we’re constantly reviewing and evolving our products and service offering to provide members with quality health management programs and support throughout different life stages. These include:

•    New family program – practical information and support on a range of early parenting matters
•    Rehabilitation at home – rehabilitation services from health professionals in the comfort and privacy of your own home
•    Weight loss/management – help in achieving and maintaining personal weight goals
•    Chronic disease management – support from health professionals and access to evidence-based resources and information
•    Hospital care at home – members can receive hospital care at home
•    Diabetes management – help members with either type 1, type 2, gestational diabetes or pre-diabetes

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Our approach, our premiums and the additional health services we offer, continue to attract new members and we are one of the fastest growing health insurers in Australia.If you are a member of the education community (or are an eligible spouse, partner or family member), we encourage you to join UniHealth and take advantage of the great range of health insurance products, support, resources and additional benefits that we offer.

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