Find other Extras providers

Find other Extras providers

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Things that aren’t dental or optical

Here you can search for providers who offer natural therapies (including massage), and body and mind therapies (physio, chiro, psychology and more).

What can you claim for?

Before using the search tool below, look at your Extras Product Sheet to check what you can claim for and what annual limits apply.  

To see how much of your annual limits you have left, log on to Online Member Services then go to Claims and Benefit > Benefit Usage. You can also check your usage through our app.

We’ll pay for services from qualified and registered providers in a private practice. Luckily most providers meet this description, but if you’re not sure you can ask them if they’re a ‘recognised provider’ with UniHealth.

Using the search tool

This search tool* enables you to search by specialty (or name) and location. Click on a profile to see the provider’s bio and contacts.