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What we do

We help eligible UniHealth members* access a range of support services. We strive to get you the help you need when and where you need it, and in a form that’s right for you.

We work with people who:

·         are going to hospital

·         are leaving hospital

·         are having a baby

·         managing a chronic condition

·         need weight management support

·         need mental wellness support.

It’s personal

To fully understand your needs, we take time to get to know you. Not just your medical condition and treatment plan, but what’s going on in your life; what challenges you may be facing and how you’re coping. Then we figure out if we can help you.

If we can – and you participate in a service or program we provide access to – we’ll cover the cost. This could be addressing your immediate situation, and/or helping you plan for a healthier future.

If we can’t help you directly, we’ll let you know who might so you can explore your options.

Getting in touch

If you call UniHealth to check you’re covered for a hospital treatment, we might contact you to ask if you’d like our help. If you do, great. If you don’t, that’s fine too. 

If we don’t reach out to you, feel free to get in touch with us. The best way to do this is through our contact form – this is so we can get an idea of your needs before we talk on the phone. 


To be eligible for a support service, you need to have UniHealth Hospital cover and have served any relevant waiting periods.  

Any other eligibility criteria attached to the various services are just a starting point. We also need to consider your health condition, your safety, and what’s likely to work best for you personally.

We also have to work within government legislation to fund these services (through what’s called Broader Health Cover).


While we look after UniHealth members, we operate independently of the fund. Any conversations you have with us are confidential. We have our own case management system and if we do share information with UniHealth, all data is de-identified and aggregated.

Also know that working with us won’t affect the cost of your UniHealth cover. Government legislation (there’s a lot of it!) ensures that your premiums can’t go up because you’re making claims or have a health condition.


We’re proud to be accredited by The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards. Its Evaluation and Quality Improvement Program accreditation recognises our commitment to best practice and continuous improvement in the delivery of evidence-based care. This includes thoroughly vetting any external providers we may refer you to.

The bigger picture

While our primary goal is to support UniHealth members, our work also addresses some of the bigger issues in Australian healthcare.

Here are just three examples of problems the government has identified, our approach, and the potential benefits for you:


Problem: Lack of timely information sharing across the healthcare system.

What we do: Try to ensure the key people who are involved in your care know what’s happening to you (e.g. your GP is fully across your hospital treatment or the health program you’re enrolled in). That said, we’ll never share any information about you without your consent.

Benefits: Improved quality of care, fewer preventable hospital readmissions.


Problem: Just under half of Australians have one or more chronic diseases.

What we do: Provide access to programs to help you manage your condition(s). Osteoarthritis is one example – we help members access a weight loss plan combined with education and monitoring to improve your symptoms.

Benefits: Better quality of life, delaying (or even avoiding) hospital treatment.


Problem: Health knowledge gaps in the community.

What we do: Give you the tools to become your own health advocate (e.g. information to help you prepare for hospital, learn more about your medication, or cope with a new baby).

Benefit: The confidence to be a proactive participant in your own healthcare. To ask your healthcare providers the right questions, to be heard, and to be involved in the decision-making.

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