Claiming for Extras

Claiming for Extras

Artificial Aids & Appliances

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Claiming for Artificial Aids & Appliances

The Artificial Aids & Appliances benefit covers a range of items to help manage health conditions. So we’ve highlighted essential info to make claiming simpler.

Here you’ll find information on, and a list of, products you can claim for and whether you need to submit an Aids and Appliances form (and if so, how often).


One thing that’s true for all claims is that you must be on Top Extras with any applicable waiting periods served. 


You can claim for aids or appliances purchased from Australia-based companies. For detailed info on what you can and can’t claim for, and how often, please see the relevant FAQ.


The Artificial Aids & Appliances FAQs get into specifics for each item, including whether you need to submit a completed Aids and Appliances form, and if so, how long it’ll be valid for.

For a summary of items claimable under this benefit, see the Aids and Appliances Claiming Requirements.

Why do we need the form?

The Aids and Appliances form helps ensure claims remain fair for all members and that we can support you in managing your health condition.

We appreciate asking your practitioner to complete their part is another thing on your to-do list. So to save time and money, you may want to do it at your next scheduled appointment. If you don’t have the form handy, a letter from your doctor is acceptable. Just ask them to include key details (e.g. their provider number, name and address, and details of the condition that the aid or appliance is required for). You have two years to submit your claim – from the date of purchase – so time is on your side from that perspective.


As with any Extras, there’s a limit to how much you can claim in a given period of time. While many items have annual limits, some are different (e.g. hearing aids limits renew every 3 years and the benefit increases after you’ve been with us for 5 years).

How to check your remaining limits

Frequently asked questions

Find detailed information on all claimable items under the Artificial Aids & Appliances benefit.