How can I change a student dependant on my membership to a dependent non-student?

You can do this via Online Member Services. Here’s how:

  • Log in
  • Go to Membership
  • Select People covered
  • Select your dependant
  • Select Review cover options
  • Select No to student question
  • Select Yes to Extended Family Cover question
  • Enter Cover start date 
  • Select Request cover

You can also use our app to do this.

Your premium

When you add a dependent non-student to your membership, you’re upgrading to Extended Family Cover if you don’t have it already. Your premium will increase when you move onto Extended Family Cover. We'll follow up with you to go through any changes to your premium.

Extended Family Cover isn't an option if you're on StarterPak (Basic Plus) or Emergency Ambulance cover.

Your next payment

If you aren’t already on Extended Family Cover, adding a dependent non-student may impact your 'paid-to date' (i.e. if your premium is increasing, your next payment may be due sooner).

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