Orthodontia information

Orthodontia information

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Some extra reasons to smile

Orthodontic treatment in Australia isn’t cheap. You could end up spending anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000 (or even more) – and while a lot of these costs are covered by Medicare, you’ll still be out-of-pocket. Things like the initial consultations, photographs and teeth removal aren’t normally included.

If you have Top Extras

Once you’ve served your 12-month waiting period, you can claim up to $2,500 per person (lifetime limit).

If you have Essential Extras

Orthodontia is combined with your Major Dental benefit. Once you’ve had your cover for 12 months, you can claim up to $300 for orthodontia per year – up to a lifetime limit of $2,500 per person.

A few tips for an easier treatment

  • Chat through any treatment options and fees with your orthodontist before you start treatment.
  • Send us a copy of your treatment plan – so we can give you an accurate estimate of how much you might be out-of-pocket.
  • Send us your receipts and a completed claim form after your treatment, because you can’t claim for orthodontia through HICAPS or online.

Some other things you should know

  • Orthodontic benefits are only available to members with Top Extras or Essential Extras cover who have finished their 12-month waiting period.
  • You can’t claim for services you received during the 12-month waiting period – or before your treatment starts.
  • If you pay upfront you can still claim each year while your braces are still on. We’ll keep paying benefits up to your policy’s annual or lifetime limit.
  • If you’ve already received orthodontic benefits from a health fund before switching to UniHealth, they’ll be deducted from the amount we can give you back for the rest of your treatment.