Dependants aged 21 - 31

Dependants aged 21 - 31

Studying full-time

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Student dependants

Dependants aged 21-31 who are a full-time student, trainee or apprentice, but aren’t married or in a de-facto relationship can be on your family membership at NO extra cost to you!


Adding a student dependant

If they’re already on your membership:

  • Turning 21 – we’ll contact you beforehand to ask if they’re studying full-time. If so, all you have to do is register them as a student dependant

  • On Extended Family Cover – follow the registration process above. If they’re the only 21-31-year-old on your Extended Family Cover, doing so will lower your premium!

If they’re not on your membership*

You can add them via Online Member Services. Go to:

  • My membership
  • People covered
  • Add a person
  • and take it from there.

Each year (until they turn 32), we’ll ask if your dependant is still studying. If they are, re-registering them will keep them covered.


Finishing full-time study?

If they’re under 32 – and not married or de-facto – they can stay on your membership via Extended Family Cover^.

See more on Extended Family Cover


If they’re a higher earner

If your dependant has secured a lucrative new job, they may want to seek tax advice. If their income is over the Medicare Levy Surcharge threshold they’ll pay extra tax if they don’t have their own Hospital cover.


Married, de-facto or turning 32?

If they want to stay covered, they’ll need their own membership.

Help your dependant choose their own cover