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Student dependants

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Keeping your child covered

At the start of each academic year, we check if your child will be staying on your membership or taking another cover option.

Normally you need to let us know which of the below applies to your child before 1 March – as that's the date student dependants are normally removed from family memberships if no action is taken.

However, we have extended this cut-off date until 1 June 2022. This is so we can support members in light of the changes to how long dependants can remain on your cover. From April 2022, this will be until they are 32 years old (as long as they meet the eligibility criteria).

1. Still studying – update student dependant registration

From April 2022 your child can stay on your membership as a student dependant if they're under 32, a full-time student (trainee or apprentice) and aren’t married or in a de-facto relationship.

What to do

Update their registration via Online Member Services before 1 June 2022:

  1. Log in to Online Member Services
  2. Go to My membership > People covered
  3. Select your child, and click Edit
  4. Update the student declaration section and Submit your changes.

Don't have Online Member Services set up? You can update your child’s registration via this form.​

2. Not studying – get Extended Family Cover

You may be able to keep your child on your cover as a dependant non-student through Extended Family Cover~ (if they’re under 32 and aren’t married or in a de-facto relationship).

What to do

To learn more about this option call us on 1300 367 906 before 1 June 2022. If you already have Extended Family Cover, call us to let us know if you’d like to keep your child on your cover as a dependant non-student.

~ Extended Family Cover isn't an option if you're on StarterPak (Basic Plus) or Emergency Ambulance cover.

​3. Not studying – they get their own cover

If it's time for your child to get their own membership, we can help them find cover that’s right for them. To soften the pain of parting (sniff), we’ll even throw in one month free* for them and a $100 eGift card^ for you (see below)!

What to do

You can:

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For them

When they take out their own cover. Yet another milestone!

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For you

To thank you for keeping it in the (UniHealth) family.

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If you have any further questions for us, call 1300 367 906 (Monday – Thursday 8am – 8pm, Friday 8am – 6pm, Saturday 8.30am – 12.30pm AEDT).

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